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  1. 5 guided workout videos 
  2. Access to workout instructions 
  3. Access to my Facebook private group
  4. Nutrition Guide (including recipes)
The jessica giselle method

My goal is for you to gain confidence, look and feel stronger, and see the change you’ve always wanted to see. I am bringing you the most effective workouts for your busy schedule that will push you to be mentally and physically stronger. I’ve developed a lifestyle where I routinely feel and look my best. Come join me. 

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learn about

My fitness journey!

Meet Jessica! Learn more about why she founded The Jessica Giselle Method & how it can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hi there! I’m Jessica Giselle, I’m a single mom to my 6-year-old son and a fitness lover! I’m so excited to train with you! 

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Quick & effective workouts designed for every fitness level

Decrease body fat, increase definition in abs, increase size in quads, hamstrings, and glutes while keeping your core tight.

  • Toning Workouts
  • Booty Exercises
  • Abs and Core
  You’ll never get bored of your workout routine!
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Coaching & community

Join my Facebook community to stay accountable and connect with others!

  • Ask me questions directly 
  • Share your success with me
  • Tell me what content you want to see
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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

  • Easy-to-follow videos w/ simple instructions 
  • Share sweaty selfies to Instagram
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Bonus features to help you succeed
  1. Healthy recipes I love
  2. Workout gear I recommend 
  3. Meal delivery service discount 


My fitness journey started after I had my son and was completely heartbroken over becoming a single mom. I used fitness as my therapy outlet. My motivation at the time was to get a revenge body! I know what it feels like to be unhappy with your body, discouraged, and frustrated. But I have also experienced what fitness can do to you both mentally and physically and it is my passion to share with you everything I know. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically, and you can be too. I’m all about quick and effective workouts at home or in the gym. The workouts that I will be sharing are the workouts that I’ve been doing myself for the past 6 years. This is a lifestyle, a life-changing journey, and I’m excited to get started with you. If you want real results try one of my programs!


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nutrition guides

Recipes & Meal Plans

  1. Tips to help you eat & live healthier
  2. Get a grocery list to make shopping easier
  3. Recipe recommendations for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, and smoothies! 
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Fitness products that i recommend

Suggested equipment. NOT MANDATORY

  • 2 Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • core sliders
  • Resistant bands
  • Ab roller
  • Weighted plate
  • Fitness gloves
  • Step stool

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You can join my channel and community for a 7 day free trial!  After that, you’ll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year. That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.28 a day. You get access to endless health content every day for less than a cup of coffee!

YES! For the low price of $14.99/ month or $99.99/ year you’ll receive everything you need to reach your goals (weight loss, strength training, bulk up, etc.) My app features workout programs and individual exercises that you can perform at home or at the gym. You also get nutrition guides and access to workouts from 200+ other top trainers. 

If you haven’t had success with other workout apps in the past, you may be skeptical about mine. But I’m here to tell you, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want with me. Why? I don’t give you one-off programs or PDF documents and no assistance. I add new programs (with interactive videos explaining exercises) on a regular basis. My content is new, fresh, and ever-changing to keep you motivated and ready to work! Plus, if you need help, I’m always here for you. You can message me directly if you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to share your success.

My workouts and programs work with any level of fitness. Plus, I walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos and simple written instructions. This means you’ll be able to do all my moves easily, accurately, and safely.

Most, if not all, of my workouts and exercises will require equipment. 

A gym membership is recommended with my app.