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Jessica Giselle

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Jessica Giselle is an LA based Celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator with over a decade of experience. Over the course of her career Jessica has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry, and of course, women who just want to be confident and feel beautiful!

Now, as an accomplished Makeup Artist, Jessica has expanded her brand by sharing her love for fitness, and expertise in makeup and beauty. 

Jessica is a certified NASM fitness coach and   EMS USA Trainer in (EMS) Electric Muscle Stimulation who specializes in strength training, and weight management. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve lasting results. Jessica is also an online fitness trainer on her fitness app where she shares both at home and gym workout programs.

On her social media platforms, Jessica shares her daily life, beauty and skincare tips and tutorials, fashion hauls, fitness, parenting tips to inform and inspire, and home an organization.

Prior to this world of makeup, fitness, and content creation, Jessica worked for a corporate company and completed her MBA degree in Business Marketing/Management. She decided to combine her business skills and formal education with her passions and pursue a career doing what she loves.

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Jessica has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry with main clients such as Chris Brown, Christina Milian, and Robin Thicke. 

She has worked on TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Show, Shahs of Sunset, WAGS, Christina Milian Turn’t Up, Million Dollar Listing, etc

Her freelance work has taken her backstage at events such as American Grammys, iHeart Awards, Billboard Award Show, Latin Billboards, Latin Grammys, CaliBash, iHeart Awards, White Hot Budget, Project Ethos Fashion Show, etc.

She has worked campaign shoots for brands such as Philip Phlein, Black Pyramid, Diamond Supply, Snipes Apparel, Polite Worldwide, etc.

And has worked for publications such as Notion UK Magazine, VIBE Magazine, Office Magazine, Hypebeast, Complex, Vanity Teen, SHOW Magazine, OYE Magazine.

Whether she’s working on a film set, or a high fashion photo shoot, she brings a professional demeanor and a distinct sensitivity to the goals and objectives of every job. She is a creative artist, a skilled professional and an extraordinarily hard worker who takes pride in all she does.



Makeup educator

With an impressive list of celebrity clients and over a decade of professional experience being a Freelance Makeup Artist, Jessica decided to create this platform to share all her makeup secrets with women of all ages who want to look and feel beautiful! Makeup is fun and can boost your confidence!


Fitness journey

Jessicas fitness journey started she had her son and was completely heartbroken over becoming a single mom. Raising a baby with a broken heart was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She used fitness as her therapy outlet!

Jessica knows what it feels like to be unhappy with her body, discouraged, and frustrated. But she’s also experienced what fitness can do to you both mentally and physically and its her passion to share with you everything she knows! Fitness makes you feel good, it gives you greater self confidence, and radiant skin! Nothing is more gorgeous than the self assurance that comes from feeling good in your own skin! 

Jessica shares with you her favorite workouts that have helped her sculpt and transform her body over the past 7 years.


Jessica has become a social media influential figure and inspiration for women and new and single moms around the world, with a growing Verified Youtube channel centered around Day in the Life vlogs of motherhood and parenting.  Her channel is “Jessica Giselle” where she rapidly grew to receiving over 3 million views, and the channel accumulated to over 101k subscribers. On Youtube, Jessica lends a first-hand experience of the up and downs of motherhood, raising a child as a single mom, and how to overcome situations.  Jessica keeps her channel organic and raw incorporating different brands into her Day in the Life vlogs which are the most requested. Her channel also consists of fitness and wellness, beauty and skincare tutorials, clothing and product hauls, home decor and organization.

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If you any questions, I am here to help!

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Thank you so much for teaching me all these amazing techniques for applying makeup. I really enjoyed my classes and learned a lot!
Sarah Stage